We Ride

We Ride

by Rosalinda A.



Together we ride past the mountain filled skies,

no matter the current or how high the tide.

The joy of the motorcycle is similar to the joy of life,

every day is a surprise, an enigma, an afterlife,

with every ride we take,

wrong turn that we make

which we call a “mistake”

but a mistake, in fact, it isn’t.

Life knocks you down,

but only when you’re down can you truly be risen,

and free of that prison.

Sometimes those wrong turns lead you to the right place

that we should learn to embrace.

How simple would things be if like steering our motorcycles we could steer our lives,

like controlling the speed, we could control time,

how fun would life be, if this was the case?

No longer would we feel like we’re on a never ending chase.

Let’s be real.

We all know the most exciting parts of life are the events we can’t foresee,

like when riding free.

We wear protective goggles to avoid the debris,

See, we all know the risks that come with riding,

 yet we set out for the open road anyhow,

rain, sun, we manage to ride somehow.

The same applies for how we steer our lives,

so grab the handlebars

and keep your eyes on the road to success.