Victory Motorcycles Vision & Cross Country Come to India

Victory Motorcycles has confirmed that the first two motorcycles to be present in Indian market are the Vision and Cross Country Tour. Victory is currently testing the Indian market, since Harley Davidson has entered the market with big hopes. Harley Davidson has already their foot in the Indian Market, in fact they have started to build their factories, and dealers.

Victory Motorcycles Vision

This will be a challenge for Victory Motorcycles to enter Indian market. However, Victory has been pushing greatly forward, and growing in fast pace. Couple days ago I have found out that Victory is doing an amazing deal for everyone that wants to own a new bike. And now I find that they want to enter Indian market, which is great. But can Victory concur everything at once? Or are they just grabbing too many things at one time.

Victory Motorcycles

Victory Motorcycles is not aiming to sell the most motorcycles, they are attracting motorcycle enthusiasts to their selection. The two bikes will be imported completely build unites, and the price will be doubled compared to what they sell for in US. However, Victory knows they won’t get the double bucks with Vision and Cross Country. If Victory Motorcycles decides that they market is good for them they will plan on building a plant just like Harley Davidson did. Or another scenario might be that Harley Davidson will be too busy with Indian market and will forget to focus on the US market, which will allow Victory to spread their wings even father in US.