Victory Motorcycles Teams Up with Playboy Playmates

Exclusive look behind the scenes of Victory Motorcycles making the 2013 Victory Brochure, at the  mansion in LA.  Adding playboy girls to the catalog gave Victory Motorcycles, the success of some serious attitude. Who are the girls from playboy? One of the three playmates is Ciara Price announced miss November 2011, moving on to Anna Sophia Berglund announced miss January 2011, and Raquel Pomplun miss April 2012.

Victory Motorcycles

Now that you have met all of 3 candidates to be on the cover of Victory Motorcycles, it is time to meet playboy photographer. Stephen Wayda was the man in charge of making everything look amazing, and because of him you will have a hard time taking your eyes off the 2013 brochure. Wayda worked with the girls before, so he brought the best out of the photo shoot.

The best part is that the brochure that will be made, will be auctioned on eBay Motors.  All donations will be donated to Operation Gratitude, a US Military support program of which Victory Motorcycles is part of. Time to take your saved up money from under your mattress and bit for this awesome Victory Motorcycles brochure with Playboy girls.