Victory Motorcycles Offers “Just Bring It Back”

Remember couple days ago post about Victory Motorcycles at Daytona Bike Week? If not here is short version. Victory Motorcycles steps up their game to complete with Indian Motorcycles, and Harley Davidson. Now another wonderful news from Victory Motorcycles emerged into the world. Victory Motorcycles is introducing really great guarantee to all new customers. The guarantee is full ownership experience, allowing customers to ride and test their new bike any time, or any where they want, and yet get a full refund if they are not satisfied with it. Yes, you have read that correctly, full refund if you are not satisfied with the bike.

Victory Motorcycles Challange


Victory Motorcycles is the first to offer this deal in the industry of motorcycles. Here is what happens now, you go to your nearest Victory Motorcycles dealer and get a new bike. Ride it, test it, and enjoy it, if you find anything wrong with the bike you get your money back. Here is the catch the offer is only available between March 1st, and April 30th 2013, and there are no talks about continuation of the campaign.

Here are the conditions that apply to this deal.

  • Bike must have under 500 miles on it by the time you bring it back.
  • No damage in excess of $200.
  • Damage may include, but not limited to internal or external scratches, scrapes, dents, odors, rips, burns, etc.
  • If you get involved in an accident you won’t get your money back.
  • Victory also states that any other taxes, licensing, titling or registration fees, insurance, non-Victory accessories, dealer fees, extended warranties, finance charges, negative equity or any other expenses incurred by the customer at the time of taking delivery of the new motorcycle, are not refundable.

Click here to read the full agreement, or here to visit the page to consider the challenge.