Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Some dads are easy to shop for, but sometimes it takes more than just a day to come up with the perfect father’s day gift. Creative father’s day planning can take up to weeks or even months before the father’s day. There are tons of websites that suggest the perfect father’s day gift, but there is only one biker leather website that brings gift gurus to their website to pick the top picks for father’s day. BikerLeather.com is the number one source for biker dads and sons that are looking for something creative, trendy, and made out of top grade leather.



Out of 1,800 items gift gurus from BikerLeather.com have selected top selling items for perfect father’s day gift. Motorcycle saddlebags was one of the items, which is in the gift gurus list. PVC motorcycle saddlebags are not only for storing needed items for the road, but for beer as well. BikerLeather.com heavy -duty motorcycle saddlebags can fit up to 12 cans of beer, with additional items like clothes, grocery items.

At BikerLeather.com we take safety seriously and its strongly recommended by our gift gurus to add a motorcycle helmet to your father’s day gift. Motorcycle helmets are not made only for the look, or the laws, but for riders to protect head from severe head injury. BikerLeather.com has full selection of DOT (Department of Transportation) helmets approved.

The final item from the guru gift list is a biker leather vest. During the summer no one wants to ride in a leather jacket. At BikerLeather.com the top selling vest is mv320, which is very similar to the Sons Of Anarchy motorcycle club vest.

Remember that even if it takes weeks to come up with the perfect gift it’s worth it because BikerLeather.com can provide the necessary back up with gift ideas. With BikerLeather.com guru gift team we have everything for a