TomTom Rider GPS 2013 Edition

There have been a lot of rumors lately about TomTom and their new TomTom Rider GPS. As we all remember the first TomTom Rider GPS was a failure. However, TomTom is promising a new and improved TomTom Rider in 2013. They have decided to try their luck again with the same name for the GPS. If you had the old version of TomTom Rider I suggest taking a look at the new version and checking the specifications, because it is packed with lots of features that the old version was lacking. Motorcycle communities around the world, have supported TomTom in this development, and helped TomTom build the next TomTom Rider. TomTom asked, and gathered information from motorcycle forums, and biker communities to improve their new TomTom Rider.

TomTom Rider

Remember that the new updated TomTom Rider has a lot to offer, for example usage of Bluetooth can be used to listen for directions inside your helmet. The improved charging dock turns the device on and off with the ignition. TomTom added a improved display for better clicking and visibility. With that they have thought of adding friendly touch option. What it means that you are able to touch the screen without taking your motorcycle gloves off. Which is great feature that was added to TomTom Rider.

TomTom Rider

In addition to the new features you might be surprised by TomTom move and adding best scenic routes in the world. With the ability of searching thought the maps, and scenic routes. Which means if you are tired of your regular road, you will be able to pick a beautiful scenic route from TomTom Rider and ride that route. The complete package includes software for your PC, or MAC which will allow you to create routes before hitting the road. Remember that you can share your routes with other riders using Bluetooth technology that is build into TomTom Rider. TomTom Rider is neat, and it features can be used in any weather conditions. So if it is raining you are still able to use TomTom Rider.

Remember how some companies have decided to charge monthly fee or one time upgrade fee for maps? Well TomTom decided to give TomTom Rider FREE Lifetime Maps forever. Yup, you have read that correctly Free maps for ever as long as you have the GPS.

To learn more about TomTom Rider I do recommend watching video below. It sumps up everything that I wrote about in one short video.