The Future Of Motorcycle Helmets & Navigation With LiveMaps or Google Glasses

It is always nice to see technology advance, and bring new items to the market. However, this time the technology has taken one step further into making the lives of motorcycle riders better and safer. LiveMap is so much more than just an ordinary motorcycle helmet, it also DOT (Department of Transportation) approved. What is exactly a LiveMap?

LiveMap, the Future of Motorcycle Helmets and Navigation

The project began 5 years ago, things have just started to work out for young riders from Russia. The best way to describe LiveMap is an integration of multiple functions in one simple unit. Most often motorcycle gadgets used by bikers are GPS, phone, music and communication. Imagine how nice it would be to see a map in front of you while riding and being able to answer the phone with your voice while riding. Well recently introduced a project called Google Glasses are already capable of doing all of those things, but it is not yet ready to be worn while riding.

However, with the support from the Moscow Department of Science and other foundations, LiveMap team was able to do a prototype outer shell using 3D printing, and it is in full working condition. When using paper maps riders have to pull over to the side of the road, but with LiveMap advanced system the GPS is a compass so if you turn your head it is still showing you the correct way to go. All commands are done by voice, which means that some commands might not trigger the first time the voice command is spoken.

Another neat feature of LiveMaps is the capability to switch between functions without having the user speak the command. At higher speeds when riding the LiveMaps helmet will display less information, only the necessary peaces. When the bike slows down or comes to a complete stop the LiveMaps will display more information about the route, or weather updates etc. The concept of the picture is just like in an F-35 fighter aircraft helmet.