Safer Braking Lights For Motorcycles From VoloLights

What is the number one discussed topic during the month of May? Watch out for motorcycles since May is the motorcycle month awareness. We are happy to present VoloLights to bikers for reducing the collision between bikers and cars. The number one reason of why car’s rear end motorcycles is that drivers don’t realize that the biker is slowing down. Unless the biker lights are lit that he is breaking down. Many of riders slow down by throttling or down shifting and the brake light stays off.

VoloLights, the Safer Brake Light

Now with VovoLighsts the promise is to change things around, using an accelerometer which will trigger the lights when the motorcycle is slowing down. When a biker uses the brakes VoloLights flashes the LED 5 times a second frequently. The guys behind VoloLights promise to make their lights available for more motorcycle types.