Proper Helmet Fit

When riding motorcycles you know that safety is the priority over any other issue. I have considered motorcycle helmets to be the most important piece of riding gear I would purchase. Regardless of your state laws, I do strongly recommend, and tell you to wear a motorcycle helmet for your safety. Motorcycle helmets are designed to keep your head safe and reduce injury when you crash.

If you have a motorcycle helmet but think that it is old, than it is time for a change. Motorcycle helmets technology advances and motorcycle helmets are getting more safer and improved with each minute of you reading this article. It is most important to properly fit your helmet, if the helmet is too big or too small it may be ineffective in doing what a helmet is supposed to do; which is saving you from injury.

Motorcycle Helmets

I believe that helmet should be changed every once in a while, maybe two to three years. I know that some of them are expensive to buy but over the time you can either save up or find a really good price online. Let me help you choose your next helmet and hope to see you on the road. Below will be steps for choosing the proper helmet. Meaning helmet that will fit your head, and satisfy your ride.

Measuring The Head
Measure your head at the place where the headband will rest. Use a clothing measuring tape to measure your head; it will be easier. Take several measurements to get an average, and then you will have an idea of what size of helmet you need.

Try On The Helmet
I have trouble buying motorcycle helmets online, but sometimes the prices are unbeatable and the fit is perfect. The fit has to be right for your head in order for you to have the best ride. If you fall between two sizes for example 20 inches and 22 inches. I recommend taking the bigger size first and putting it on; however, never go for the first fit, always try it on more than once. Most of the times it will end up being the number in between which  in this case would be 21.

Mirror Check
Use a mirror to check if your eye are at least one inch from the helmet. Grab the helmet with one hand, and try moving it left or right. Don’t hesitate to pull it harder, and make sure that the straps are comfortable and don’t get you irritated. If the helmet will move too easily during the check it is too big, and it’s not the proper size for you.

Wearing The Helmet
Once you determined the proper helmet size for your head, fasten it securely and wear it for few minutes. You can wear the helmet at the store for few minutes. Take  some time to familiarize yourself with the helmet, and its features.

Once you are satisfied with the above options, buy that helmet!

Proper Helmet Fit