Motorcycle Theft Or Having Hard Time With Parking Your Motorcycle?

Most of the time in the big cities motorcyclists have a hard time finding a parking spot that is empty. Having a motorcycle in New York City can be a hassle. Not only for the parking part, but also the fees that come with motorcycle parking. The long days pass as we are at work, and our motorcycle is at the garage waiting to be ridden or stolen.  According to NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) in 2012 the motorcycle theft is down by 6 percent. Which did not go down a lot knowing that Honda is the number one brand motorcycle that is being stolen.

Moto Parking, the Coolest Idea so Far [Photo Gallery]

Moto Parking is working an awesome concept that will revolutionize the way you park your motorcycle. Moto Parking can be installed in any place that the city allows for it. Moto Parking comes with equipped security chains and a secure storage space. The storage space can be used to store your belongings like, motorcycle jackets, motorcycle helmets, or even motorcycle gloves. There are two options to choose from a 245 and 85 liters of secure storage. How secured are the storage boxes? I really don’t know, and we will have to wait till they release Moto Parking on the streets.

Moto Parking is not done yet, they have another feature that allows them to get income. Each storage box can be customized with graphics to display advertising. The profits would help to bring the parking fees lower for motorcycle enthusiasts. As we await this system to be installed I hope to see it on the streets soon.