Ladies, Leather and Bikes

That is just the beginning of the fun week that is starting April 24th. Laughlin River Run is one of the biggest events on the west coast for motorcycle enthusiasts. Everyone is invited to experience Route 66 the way it should be seen. For those that have not been to Laughlin River Run bikers strongly recommend visiting the event at least once. The main purpose of the event is ladies, leather and bikes. In addition to that a beer will be seen in bikers hand for the remaining time of the event.

Laughlin River Run Logo

Each year vendors start to bring new ideas to the rallies, trying to outsmart each other with the prices or designs. Bikers are their main target, but since most of vendors have website established online, they are willing to post the new product online first. The reason behind it is to see how the product will sell and if it is worth taking it to the event. The vendor makes it look like they are selling the product cheaper than online, but that is just a marketing strategy that has a high success percentage.

When it comes to events biker women sometimes tend to have all the stylish leather already bought before the event. The purpose of that is to be in style, and not look the same as last year. Vendors tend to make women’s prices higher knowing that they will be purchasing items even that they might already have similar type of leather vest.

Women leather changes either with season collection or once a year. Keeping up with the change of women leather clothing can be a hassle. This is why BikerLeather.com makes it easy to keep up with the latest leather trends for women. At BikerLeather.com online store the women leather is categorized by the design of the leather vest or leather jacket for women. All new leather jackets or any other items are always put up to the top of the page for customers to notice the new product. If you have not seen BikerLeather.com yet, it is strongly recommended by bikers to go and visit the website. After all this is from bikers for bikers.