Indian Motorcycles Wows Everyone With 2014 Indian Chiefs Line Up

If you’re not caught up with the latest on Indian Motorcycles you have come to the right place. We will do a brief introduction first of what Indian Motorcycles have done to achieve the latest Chief family look and power. For those who are not aware Indian Motorcycles has recently released their Thunder Stroke 111 engine for a smooth powerful ride. The new engines have it all, style, power, and same finning as on Chiefs of the 1940s.

2014 Indian Chief Motorcycles


Honoring the past but the powering Indian Motorcycles future with 3 new motorcycles to pick from. We have an Indian Chief Classic which provides elegant and classy look with a touch of Thunder Stroke 111 engine power. The 2014 Indian Chief is everything that you are looking forward to be in a motorcycle since day one. There are couple standard features that I really like for example, keyless starting, and extensive chrome. ┬áIndian Chief achieved the classic and iconic look by the branding name, war bonnet, valenced fenders, center console, brake caliper covers, and laced wheels. But don’t worry Indian did not forget to add comfort to their rides. The 2014 Indian Chief is capable of adding stage 1 slip on exhaust, fishtail exhaust tips, quick release windshield, quick release passenger backrest, and pinnacle cover collection.

Now moving on to Indian Chief Vintage which features storage capability, styling, and genuine leather. Overall Chief Vintage has the same standard features as the Indian Chief Classic. With just one addition which is genuine leather. The most comfortable seat you will sit in and enjoy the ride for miles. The seat complements the traditional Indian Motorcycles style. The classic iconic features are the same as in Indian Chief Classic. One of the top enhancement for Indian Chief Vintage are beach bar handlebars, which offer wider and comfortable grip. Pinnacle connection rear view mirrors are one of the dynamic features of Indian Chief Vintage. The Heritage messenger bag is capable of fitting most popular sized laptops. The leather fork bag can be used to store anything that is small. Add fringes to your motorcycle and give your bike that American cruiser look.

I have to admit that my favorite of all three Indian Motorcycles is Indian Chieftain in red. Chieftain features advanced technology, comfort and protection, and amazing styling. The standard features are extensive chrome, keyless starter, windshield, hard saddlebags, led riding lights, high output audio, and audio Bluetooth. The classic features are exactly the same as on Chief Classic, and Chief Vintage. Moving on the comfort, there is nothing much that has changed since the previous two models except for the following. Capability of adding stage 1 slip on exhaust, six shooter exhaust tips, saddlebag audio kit, and quick release passenger backrest.

This is just a brief description of all 3 new 2014 Indian Chiefs, but if you are craving for more I strongly recommend checking out their demos and locations of the demos. Click here to find the nearest location near you.