Indian Motorcycles Heads To India & China

Recently Indian Motorcycles has revealed their new Thunder Stroke 111 engine for the 2014 lineup of motorcycles. The first motorcycle to receive the Thunder Stroke 111 will be Indian Chief 2014. If you have not seen or heard the new engine click here. As we watch Indian Motorcycles grow under Polaris, we also see Harley Davidson establishing their market in India or China.


It seems that Polaris is managing Indian the correct way and following Harley Davidson. Indian has a lot of catching up to do before they will be established fully on their own. What was not expected from Indian to see them tackle both China and India in 2014. There were rumors that Polaris plans on taking Indian motorcycles to India next year with the new Indian Chief. However, there was no news that they planned to hit China market as well in the same year.

As most of us know Harley has established their market for 3 years already in India and now with their annual Harley rally in China they have strong roots. As we look forward to seeing the new 2014 Chief at Sturgis Rally we are also celebrating Harley Davidson 110th anniversary at the same time.