Indian Motorcycles Geared Up for 2013

Lately Indian Motorcycles have been rumbling their engine pretty loud. The engine has not been unveiled but it already rumbled a lot of attention. It has been some time since Indian Motorcycles decided to bring new stuff to the table. Indian Motorcycles wants to be in top 150 motorcycle markets in the US.

As we recently have discovered that you may listen to the new Indian Motorcycle engine. The engine is available on iPhone and Android devices. The application has a lot of really cool features, and it allows you to hear the new engine.

Recently Indian Motorcycles updated their Indian Rides Maps application with adding cool new features. The application also has the option to play and hear the new Indian Motorcycle sound engine. The availability of the application is on iPhone and Android, and of course the app is free of charge. Indian Rides app is really good for being on the road, or taking a trip. We have tested the app for its features, and the overall score would be 4.5 out of 5.

Indian Motorcycles App

As we progress more into 2013 and get closer to Daytona Bike Week; Indian Motorcycles will unveil 2013 engine at Daytona Bike Week. I don’t know how much of truth this is, but it is brought to you by Cyril Huze, who is one of the top sources for motorcycle bloggers. Cyril Huze blog has the latest updates on motorcycle industry providing daily posts with interesting facts.

Indian Motorcycles