Hitting The Road – What to Pack

If you never have gone for a long trip on a motorcycle here is your chance to get rolling with our tips. First of all you should know that the best teacher is experience. What we say, or what we do can only help you; however, the road will teach you a lot. When it comes to packing it takes some time to gather all belongings that are needed. Many people get frustrated with packing their motorcycle gear. One technique I have seen people use is to put all important things to put on the floor in a big pile, and move the most important items to be put in first. During times of riding I also noticed that a lot of people have different tips for long road journeys. Below is a list of tips that I received from experienced riders.

  • Zipper-lock plastic bags can be really useful, make sure to bring various sizes.
  • Roll your clothes instead of folding.
  • Bring items that have more than one use.
  • Don’t bring new clothing, after the trip is over throw away your old clothing.
  • Check cargo weight limits on your motorcycle.
  • You may buy things on the road, if you don’t want to bring all important items with you.
  • Pack your bags and pack your bike, do a dry run. Always do at least 2 runs.

Stay connected with us as we bring you to part two of Hitting The Road, in few days. In our next article we will feature full packing list what to bring.

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