Hitting The Road – Planning The Trip

As we get closer and closer to Daytona Biker Week, I have been posting information on planning a road trip. I have written about what to pack, and what to bring on the road. In today’s topic I will show you a great feature dedicated to all motorcycle riders. Harley Davidson has an awesome feature that allows bikers to plan their trip ahead of time. If you are old school biker, than this is not the method for you. However, I still do believe that you should check this feature out maybe it will change your mind.

So if you take the time and click here to be taken to Harley Davidson website planner. At first you will see Intro topic, which will introduce how the planner works. After that you will see build, save, share, and launch. If you believe that you know how to build a route, and save a map you may skip all the way to launch tab. However, I do recommend learning how to share the map with others, since every website has  different sharing options.

Harley Davidson Ride Planner

Once you click launch another window will appear, and in that window left top corner there is a box in which you type in your point A and point B. Along the way you can select gas stations, motels, hotels, restaurants, and more. The planning feature is really neat and easy sharing options allow to plan a trip in seconds.

Harley Davidson Road Planner

Alright so after testing the Harley Davidson Ride Planner for an hour we have found out that it is basically focusing on Harley Davidson. Meaning if you are trying to search for Events, like Daytona Bike Week, than you won’t be able to find it by name search. All you will see is plenty of Harley Davidson events, which is great but I would want to see Harley Davidson Include large events by name search. Lucky for us Harley Davidson takes part in all top events so that it is not hard to find the event on the map.

Over all I would score the Harley Davidson Ride Planner as 4 stars out of 5 stars. The amount of time it takes to plan a route can be tiring, since every time something is changed an error comes up that they can’t connect to the server. So the only flaws I have found is that you can’t search by events names, or that error comes up stating cannot connect to the server.