Hitting The Road – Checklist

Yesterday I did a post on what to pack for the road, and today as promised is part two, the checklist. Our checklist contains potentially pack able items, and all items are grouped into different categories. Those items that we have considered to be essential are marked bold. Considering this list as your starting point, is clearing up that huge pile of things to take on the trip. Get started on packing your checklist items and hit the road!

Assuming that you have payed attention to your list and checked your motorcycle before heading out you should be fine with the following list. If you did not check your motorcycle before heading out on the road, you better do that check before you go out. In the next part of Hitting the Road we will introduce, “Planning the Trip”.

Also I have stumbled on a great list created by Harley Davidson for your next road trip. Click here to view their list, it is much detailed. The list created by BikerLeather was meant for short trips, not trips for days. If you plan on going for a trip that takes days, or months view the Harley Davidson list.

HelmetTool KitFirst Aid
Rain SuitReplacement FusesEmergency Contacts List
GlovesSpare Spark PlugWaterproof Flashlight
BootsTire GougeSpare Key
VestBike CoverPhone
SkullcapDuck Tape
Socks & Underwear

Hitting the Road - Checklist