First Ever World & Europe AMD Championship

I did not think this day will happen; however, the rumors were spreading about May 2013. And it is official the first Europe AMD Championship will be held in May, 2013. The location of the event will be Essen, Germany. From the rumors that traveled to us from our sources they state that exhibitor’s had to expand their area because of the huge amount of bikes entered in the competition.

Over 100 bikes from 22 countries have already been entered, with some room remaining for another 15 or so. Europe was not expecting so much popularity in the AMD Championship show, but it turned out different way. I wish I could attend the event, but unfortunately that will not happen; however, I am looking forward to battles between builders on European grounds.

AMD World Championship

The design of custom motorcycles in Europe is really different than in United States. Not only on the perspective of picking different parts, but each one of builders has different scope on their motorcycle. I just remembered that last year Thunderbike won the 2012 Freestyle category, and the bike was manufactured in Germany. So as you see the styles change, but there is only one focus on becoming the best biker builder. Everyone dreams of receiving that first place in the AMD championship.