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8 Ways to Rock a Motorcycle Jacket by Rosie Almonte & Jamie Hinson

Debbie Harry

“Fashion has long been inspired by the pieces adapted by subcultures as symbols of rebellion, but it’s take on the leather jacket has never failed as so many trends do.” (

From what was then known as a Military Uniform, the leather motorcycle jacket has evolved into an iconic fashion item.  Also known as the “all weather” jacket, the leather jacket can be worn on any occasion casual or formal.  The start of the leather jacket was very practical, created in the 1900’s for men of the Army air corporation fighting in WWI.  They were created to offer an extra protective outer layer for their uniforms.  Since then, it has evolved into something greater, a statement piece, a form of self-expression that when worn says, “Hey!  Don’t mess with me, I was born to be wild!”  However, it wasn’t until the 1950’s that women such as Joan Jett and Debbie Harry pioneered their own form of nailing the Biker look.  They took a style originally made to portray masculinity, added pins and studs and made our modern day studded and pinned leather jacket. We guess rap wasn’t the only thing Blondie discovered. The evolution of the leather jacket continues today and we’ll be showcasing the many different ways you can rock your leather jacket.  Now, sit back & enjoy the ride…

#1. The T-shirt and Jeans Kinda Gal

Whether you’re out for a night on the town or just strolling through Central Park, this look is the epitome of the motorcycle look. Casual, edgy, yet sexy and chic all in one!

8 ways photo1

T-shirt: H & M “Jersey Top”

Purse: Forever 21 “Chain Faux leather cross body

Watch: Seiko

Leather Jacket: Biker Leather LJ212-NEW


#2. We found love

What’s there not to love about this outfit?  Pairing fringe booties, along with a red satin peplum skirt and crop top sweater, this is a perfect date night look that’s sexy yet subtle.  Jamie demonstrates how to amplify the look by throwing a trench coat over it to give it that extra sass.

8 ways photo2Sweater Crop top: H & M

Skirt: Forever 21

Booties: Charlotte Russe

Leather Trench Coat: Biker Leather item #F3

#3. Orange you glad I made the cut?

Ever walk into a bar after work during happy hour and feel like you just don’t belong?  Well, you won’t be wearing this leather jacket.  Rosie illustrates how simple it is to dress up a LBD. Also known as the “Little Black Dress”, it has been and will always be a women’s wardrobe staple and when you mix two timeless pieces together, incredible things happen…

8 ways photo3Dress: Zara Basics

Booties: Aldo Shoes

Racer Jacket: Biker Leather item #KD812



#4. The Pink Ladies

Whether you want to tune into the Rizzo or Frenchie in you, the pink original bomber jacket has been around for years. If you want to pop, color, or simply want to dress up a simple outfit, then the pink leather jacket is the way to go.  Made from premium cowhide leather, it’s a piece of fashion that never goes out of style.

Pink Leather Jacket:  Biker Leather item #LJ283

8 ways phot4



#5. Leather me up!

Leather Shirt: Biker Leather #LJ276

Leather Skirt: Biker Leather #SK954

Sunglasses: Celine

Heels: Giuseppe Zanotti8 ways photo5

If you thought the Queen of fashion was the only one who could pull off an all leather outfit, then think again.  The leather shirt along with skirt has revolutionized over time. Whether you’re out for brunch or rushing to cocktails, this is the perfect all-purpose outfit. Hugging every inch of your body while showcasing those gorgeous curves, you can pull up on any scene in confidence and style.

#6. When life gives you lemons…

…You make lemonade and this outfit has Queen B written all over it. If you love making a statement, this is definitely the outfit for you. Pair with a long, flowing maxi skirt with a form fitting (or flowing) crop top for a sweet look. Adding a leather jacket just makes it more versatile.

Crop Top: Am8 ways photo6erican Apparel

Maxi Skirt: LuLu

Choker: Charming Charlies Accessories

Leather Jacket: Biker Leather item #LJ725


#7. Oversize me, please.

We don’t know about you but we think the oversized look is to die for.  Rosie is pairing an oversized double rider with a form fitting black button down dress. When over-sizing always remember it’s all about proportions.  Generally, what’s baggier should be on top and what’s form fitting underneath.

8 ways photo7


Button Up Dress: Francesca’s Boutique

Leather Jacket: Biker Leather item #LJ271-09



#8. Carpe Diem

Seize the day we shall in this original, naked cowhide double rider. Jamie illustrates how to rock the fit and flow of the LBD with a sharp, ribbed leather jacket. She pairs the outfit with Oxfords which provide an ultra-comfort feel. This outfit is good for an evening out with friends or even a night around the fire pit.

8 ways photo8

Dress: H & M

Oxfords (shoes): Bakers


We Ride

We Ride

by Rosalinda A.



Together we ride past the mountain filled skies,

no matter the current or how high the tide.

The joy of the motorcycle is similar to the joy of life,

every day is a surprise, an enigma, an afterlife,

with every ride we take,

wrong turn that we make

which we call a “mistake”

but a mistake, in fact, it isn’t.

Life knocks you down,

but only when you’re down can you truly be risen,

and free of that prison.

Sometimes those wrong turns lead you to the right place

that we should learn to embrace.

How simple would things be if like steering our motorcycles we could steer our lives,

like controlling the speed, we could control time,

how fun would life be, if this was the case?

No longer would we feel like we’re on a never ending chase.

Let’s be real.

We all know the most exciting parts of life are the events we can’t foresee,

like when riding free.

We wear protective goggles to avoid the debris,

See, we all know the risks that come with riding,

 yet we set out for the open road anyhow,

rain, sun, we manage to ride somehow.

The same applies for how we steer our lives,

so grab the handlebars

and keep your eyes on the road to success.


Calling All Writers


As promised, big things are underway and we’re pleased to announce that, starting today, we’re opening up The Biker Leather Blog to everyone that has a passion for writing and a love of motorcycles, clothing, and culture.  That’s right, if you ride, enjoy writing, and would like to share an essay, memoir, an upcoming event, poem, a humorous anecdote, reflection, a technical tip or trick, or anything else related to motorcycles and would like to submit it for publication on the blog you now can.  It doesn’t matter if you’re into café racers, sport bikes, motocross, touring, bobbers, choppers, or cruisers, if you have a story to share, now you can do so.  There’s no limit to length.  All submissions must be the author’s original work.  Send your submissions to  Please send submissions in Word, PDF, or paste in the body of your email.  We look forward to hearing from all our author friends.

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Spring In To Riding Season

easter bunny riding

Spring is finally upon us and we couldn’t be more excited. Following successful exhibitions at the ASD 2016 in Vegas, as seen in the photo below, the Sturgis Rally, and Daytona Bike Week, the riding season is in full swing. Following up on our success, we’re rolling out new models of our terrific genuine leather vests, jackets, jewelry, and get back whips.  Be sure to go to our home page and scroll down to our “New Products” section to see them.


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Of course, with Saint Patrick’s Day just two days away, we know you’re making those last minute Saint Patrick’s Day plans.  Enjoy some of these fun drink recipes from Good Cocktails.  Just remember to bring a designated driver!

party plans

Regardless of whether or not this holiday season is the start of your first year riding or more, we hope it’s fun and safe.  Let the good times roll!


Happy Valentine’s Day

valentinesValentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Remember the ones you love this weekend.

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Valentine’s Day is the day set aside to remind that special person just how much you truly appreciate them.  If the one you love rides, make that expression of your devotion one that he or she will truly appreciate.

Happy Valentine’s Day!