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Moto Guzzi ‘Vanguard V8 Racer’ – Numbnut Motorcycles –

Dutch Vanguard Clothing, with some help from Moto Guzzi and Numbnut Motorcycles, wanted a cool way to reveal the launch of their new ‘V8’ jeans. Giulio Cesare Carcano’s re-imagined 1955 Moto Guzzi is the beautiful reward we all received from that extremely creative campaign.

Source: Moto Guzzi ‘Vanguard V8 Racer’ – Numbnut Motorcycles –


KTM Set to Return to MotoGP 2017

Austrian motorcycle manufacturer KTM is making the final preparations for their return to MotoGP.  Follow the link and get caught up on some of the racing history of this iconic brand and get to know the team as they put the finishing touches on what promises to be an exciting return.