4Th Of July Sale – Novelty Helmets – Motorcycle Saddlebags – Biker Leather Vests

Starting today all motorcycle helmets are on sale due to overstock inventory of helmets. All D.O.T (Department of Transportation) helmets are only $24.99 with a flat rate shipping option. Novelty helmets are only $14.99 for a limited time during the 4th of July sale. The selection of motorcycle helmets is endless; pick from EZ Rider Shiny Helmet, Smokey Shiny Helmet, White Eagle Helmet, Turtle Shiny Helmet, Black Chrome German Helmet, Black Chrome Jockey Helmet, and many more. Motorcycle helmets play an important role in a biker’s life, and everyone should wear a helmet no matter what the state law is.

Biker Leather Helmets Sale

Motorcycle saddlebags are top priority at Biker Leather and Biker Leather has brought more than 5,000 of different motorcycle saddlebags for bikers. Each saddlebag passes our inspection before being delivered to the client’s door. Biker Leather guarantee’s everyone that Biker Leather has the lowest prices on motorcycle saddlebags, motorcycle vests, and biker helmets during the 4th of July sale.

Biker Leather Motorcycle Saddlebags Sale

Gearing up with the right equipment is necessary before hitting the road. Gear up with biker leather and have your wallet still full during 4th of July week sale. With the upcoming events like Hollister motorcycle rally, everyone will be shopping to look their best and save as much as possible. Biker Leather is celebrating these two events with our biggest 4th of July sale ever. Don’t hesitate to share this deal of the week and bring your friends to celebrate the biggest 4th of July sale for bikers.