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Rushmore Project By Harley Davidson

According to Harley they were out on the road riding with other riders to see what features are missing in Harley motorcycles. In BikerLeather’s opinion that is a great step to get closer to the public to win more people over on to Harley’s side. A lot of people are talking about Indian Motorcycles and their stylish and classic look. Harley figured that they need to take another approach to tackle Indian Motorcycles and they created the Rushmore Project.



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Review Us With A Video Product Review – BikerLeather

Don’t hesitate to record your own short video about our products and submit the video. There is no catch or any gimmicks behind the project. Simply take your camera shoot a one minute or two minute video describing our product and send the video to BikerLeather.

Don’t know what to talk about? Here are simple questions that can help you in the review.

  • What do you think about this product?
  • Why do you like it?
  • What other features you like the most?
  • Any other comments are welcomed!

**Please don’t use bad language
**Video must be at least 1 minute long
**Videos will be viewed before uploading to BikerLeather YouTube Channel

What will you receive for the video review?
The prize is a Free Motorcycle Chrome Cup. Videos that will be submitted in high quality and the information is clear will be eligible for a better prize from the store like chaps, vests, jackets etc.



Indian Motorcycles Wows Everyone With 2014 Indian Chiefs Line Up

If you’re not caught up with the latest on Indian Motorcycles you have come to the right place. We will do a brief introduction first of what Indian Motorcycles have done to achieve the latest Chief family look and power. For those who are not aware Indian Motorcycles has recently released their Thunder Stroke 111 engine for a smooth powerful ride. The new engines have it all, style, power, and same finning as on Chiefs of the 1940s.

2014 Indian Chief Motorcycles


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New Images For Biker Leather Products

Take a minute to stop by and check out our new images. The quality has improved 100 times from what the original picture was on the website. Not all images are replaced yet, we are working on each category to preserve the neatness.

Motorcycle Helmets

In addition to the new images, when looking at our products customers can now hover over the image and have a bigger preview of the image. Or simply click on the image it will make the image bigger.

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Free Fuel & A Chance To Be Part Of Buffalo Chip – Sturgis Motorcycle Rally August 6th, 2013

Second day into the best event for bikers in the world. Sturgis is known to be a small city in South Dakota but it can fit up to thousands of motorcycle riders and their need for leather. If you can’t make it to Sturgis this year, don’t worry we will keep you updated on the events. The latest story that came across our ears is that the Renewable Fuel Association (RFA) will fuel your hog for FREE; that’s right for FREE. From August 6th to August 8th from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m. is FREE fuel – happy hour. On top of that RFA will be informing riders about which blends can be used in their motorcycles. Of course the offer is free of charge. Those who have Buffalo Chip wristbands will be able to fill up their tank with 93 octane E10 fuel, which is not available in the Sturgis area.

Model Search At Buffalo Chip

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