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4Th Of July Sale – Novelty Helmets – Motorcycle Saddlebags – Biker Leather Vests

Starting today all motorcycle helmets are on sale due to overstock inventory of helmets. All D.O.T (Department of Transportation) helmets are only $24.99 with a flat rate shipping option. Novelty helmets are only $14.99 for a limited time during the 4th of July sale. The selection of motorcycle helmets is endless; pick from EZ Rider Shiny Helmet, Smokey Shiny Helmet, White Eagle Helmet, Turtle Shiny Helmet, Black Chrome German Helmet, Black Chrome Jockey Helmet, and many more. Motorcycle helmets play an important role in a biker’s life, and everyone should wear a helmet no matter what the state law is.

Biker Leather Helmets Sale

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The Future Of Motorcycle Helmets & Navigation With LiveMaps or Google Glasses

It is always nice to see technology advance, and bring new items to the market. However, this time the technology has taken one step further into making the lives of motorcycle riders better and safer. LiveMap is so much more than just an ordinary motorcycle helmet, it also DOT (Department of Transportation) approved. What is exactly a LiveMap?

LiveMap, the Future of Motorcycle Helmets and Navigation

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Top Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Some dads are easy to shop for, but sometimes it takes more than just a day to come up with the perfect father’s day gift. Creative father’s day planning can take up to weeks or even months before the father’s day. There are tons of websites that suggest the perfect father’s day gift, but there is only one biker leather website that brings gift gurus to their website to pick the top picks for father’s day. is the number one source for biker dads and sons that are looking for something creative, trendy, and made out of top grade leather.



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Enter To Win A 2014 Indian Chief Motorcycle

We were expecting Indian to do a giveaway but much closer to the release of the new Indian Chief. To enter all you need is to provide name, email, address, and phone number. I really don’t know why they need a phone number from anyone who wants to enter, but it is required. Keep in mind to enter you don’t need to purchase anything from Indian Motorcycles.

Enter for a chance to win 2014 Chief


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Custom Bike Project 67

Shaw Speed Customs is an award winning shop based in South near Brighton. All of Shawn Speed Custom bikes are ride able and are used throughout the summer months. Their new built 67 is representing Shane Byrne known as Shakey. Shane was a British motorcycle road racer, and 3 times British Superbike Championship race winner. Also on his belt winner of Superbike World Championship and former MotoGP competitor.

Customer Bike: Project 67

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