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Safer Braking Lights For Motorcycles From VoloLights

What is the number one discussed topic during the month of May? Watch out for motorcycles since May is the motorcycle month awareness. We are happy to present VoloLights to bikers for reducing the collision between bikers and cars. The number one reason of why car’s rear end motorcycles is that drivers don’t realize that the biker is slowing down. Unless the biker lights are lit that he is breaking down. Many of riders slow down by throttling or down shifting and the brake light stays off.

VoloLights, the Safer Brake Light

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Harley Davidson Teams Up With Craftsman For Special Edition Tool Products

To celebrate Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary Craftsman tool storage products will be available for purchase at Harley dealerships, stores, and online with exclusive deals for Craftsman club. With Harley and Craftsman America’s garage just got even cooler. The special edition storage products are available now in Sears stores or online. Craftsman is the official power tool sponsor of the Harley Davidson 110th Anniversary celebration.

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2014 Indian Motorcycles Sneak Peek

Indian Motorcycles continues to honor their past, power, future road ahead of the competition. In 1901 the first Indian Motorcycle rolled off the line in Springfield, Massachusetts. The long awaited Indian Motorcycle after 112 years rolls off the line in Spirit Lake, Iowa. Motorcycle enthusiasts celebrate with Indian as their history expands for the future with the new 2014 Indian motorcycle.

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Overstock on Biker Patches – Inventory Sale on Biker Patches

Biker patches are not limited to the outlaw motorcycle clubs. Riding groups, law enforcement motorcycle clubs also bear patches on their vests. There are some riders that have different patches for different meanings. For example one patch can stand for taking part in events like Daytona Beach Bike Week, or Sturgis Rally. Another biker might put on a patch when he or she loses someone close to them. The possibilities are endless with adding meanings to patches on the vest.

Lady Biker Patch

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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Are you looking for a unique gift idea for Mom this Mother’s Day? Perhaps something she wouldn’t think of herself that is creative and meaningful? offers every needed item for biker mom’s. If it is a women motorcycle jacket, women leather vest, or chaps we surely have it.

No matter whether your home is in California or Florida, brings inspiration of the real biker mom to life with our women leather collection. Shower mom with women purses, women chaps, women leather vests, women leather pants, and women denim sleeveless shirts.

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