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Test Ride A Victory At The National Demo Tour

Are you a fan of Victory Motorcycles? If yes, than we have a great news for you! Victory motorcycles will be stopping by your location this summer. Victory has planned a demo tour in a city near you, but they plan to do 80 stops in 3 months! We all know that we can test drive any motorcycle at almost all events that are for bikers. But what Victory is doing they are hitting the road as well in addition to the events

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Dog Saucer Motorcycle Trailer

Everyone has seen lot’s of weird motorcycle trailers, but nothing like a this dog saucer motorcycle trailer. If you always wanted to bring your dog on the road here is your chance by buying a dog saucer from Veteran Greg Hudome who likes riding his motorcycle with his buddy. The dog saucer can be easily attached to the motorcycle by fixed hitch and due to torsion axles a smooth ride is just a minute away.

The saucer provides plenty of space even for larger breeds, and it allows the dog to stand with its acrylic dome shape. There are two ventilation options at which the dog can stick out his head and enjoy the ride. The fiberglass shells has special bowl for food and water with lights.

I bet right now you are thinking where to buy one of these crazy inventions? Well the project is up for Kickstarter and if you would like to contribute and be part of dog saucer you should donate to the project. Although the goal is set to $600,000 which seems too high for a project like this but you never know what crazy additions might be added to the dog saucer.


Indian Motorcycles Heads To India & China

Recently Indian Motorcycles has revealed their new Thunder Stroke 111 engine for the 2014 lineup of motorcycles. The first motorcycle to receive the Thunder Stroke 111 will be Indian Chief 2014. If you have not seen or heard the new engine click here. As we watch Indian Motorcycles grow under Polaris, we also see Harley Davidson establishing their market in India or China.

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Fly or Ride? What’s Your Pick?

It appears that more people have interest in boosting their choppers speeds to the maximum performance available. Seeing a bike powered by radial airplane engine is always a remarkable experience.  German magazine was doing a feature on radial engines for motorcycle purpose. Don’t know what is the purpose of having that kind of engine installed but I guess to them it comes handy on the open roads. The motorcycle is called Red Baron.

Click on the image to view the video.

Red Baron Airplane Engine Bike: Riding or Flying? [Video]


Harley Davidson Provides 24/7 Road Side Assistance For Harley Owners In India

Remember when Harley Davidson announced that they will be making motorcycle in India? If not that is okay because it is not the last time anyone of us will be hearing about Harley in India. The upgrade for Harley owners in India is a great tactic to get more customers. Harley wants to give India customers greater peace of mind when cruising. In order to make the efforts even better, Harley has teamed up with India Assistance which is owned by Mapfre. India Assistance specializes in motorcycle road service assistance in India.

Harley Davidson Road Side Assistance

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