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12Apr Sweepstakes Start Today

Not only have we added Fan Offer to our facebook page but in addition to that we have added Men’s Leather Vest Sweepstakes. The sweepstakes will be starting today to celebrate the 5,000 orders since launch day for . If you are in the market for a new leather vest, stop right there and enter our sweepstakes, and you could be the winner.

About The Vest

  • The vest is made out of Top Grade Heavy Duty Soft Cowhide Leather. The leather of the vest is really top grade leather when touching the vest.
  • The vest is lined with side laces. The side laces are awesome for when you are riding with your hoodie on in the spring time.
  • The vest features four snaps to close the vest. The snaps are made to last, and extremely easy to close. In addition to that they snaps won’t open up on you while riding, because of the durability of snaps.
  • Our vest comes with multi pockets, not like other vests with just two pockets. This vest has an awesome gun pocket for your gun. Total of 4 pockets on the vest.
  • Overall this vest is one of our top selling vests and it’s on us! Don’t hesitate or wait, enter our sweepstakes, and receive your winning vest when the sweepstakes are over. I personally guarantee that you will be happy with this vest.

Good Luck! Click here to enter or click the image below.

Enter Sweepstakes

10Apr Reaches 5,000 Orders Since April

To celebrate reaching 5,000 orders since April, we have decided to add a Fan Offer only valid for our fans on a facebook. If you want to grab the special offer from Fan Offer all you have to do is Like on their facebook page which can be done by clicking here or on the image below. Enjoy!

Fan Offer



Roland Sands Designs Tracker 2 Into 1 Exhaust

Looking to customize your motorcycle? Check out our buddy Roland Sands Design, and their custom accessories category for your motorcycle. Recently viewing Roland Sands blog I have discovered that they were featured in new Progressive Insurance commercial. Over all the name RSD is not heard in the commercial, but on the motorcycle if you take a closer look you can see RSD Tracker 2 Into 1 exhaust system. Motorcycle season is starting, and at places like Florida or California it is year long season. However, Progressive Insurance is targeting bikers to get insured by Progressive.

Check out Tracker 2-into-1 Exhaust on this progressive commercial bike.


Dora Prototype Helmet

Even though we are looking at a bicycle helmet here, it will be not for long since we start seeing this technology on motorcycle helmets. I have to say that this is really one impressive bicycle helmet that will shock most bicyclists. Well if you think about it, there are already motorcycle jackets with L.E.D lights on them for safety. With just Bluetooth integration of the helmet elements and simple controller can send appropriate commands to the helmet. Plus with many bikes sporting self- canceling turn signals, things are even easier. The technology is advancing quicker than we can keep up with buying new merchandise. Next everyone will have a helmet that will be able to have the same similar features as Dora helmet, but have the look of a motorcycle helmet.