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Ladies, Leather and Bikes

That is just the beginning of the fun week that is starting April 24th. Laughlin River Run is one of the biggest events on the west coast for motorcycle enthusiasts. Everyone is invited to experience Route 66 the way it should be seen. For those that have not been to Laughlin River Run bikers strongly recommend visiting the event at least once. The main purpose of the event is ladies, leather and bikes. In addition to that a beer will be seen in bikers hand for the remaining time of the event.

Laughlin River Run Logo

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Triumph RealRider App For Free

Triumph motorcycles has teamed up with RealRider, a group safety focused motorcycle manufacturers who use safety technology. The app is offered for free on Apple devices for a limited time, the Android version of the application is on its way. However, in order to enjoy the premium application on the Android device register today for your copy of the free premium version. You will not be charged for the premium version of the application as long as you have it.

RealRider is a safety technology which uses smart phone features like GPS, accelerometer, or gyroscope to predict if the biker has been in an accident. The app also sends alerts to emergency services like police or ambulance. By using the GPS from the cell phone it can predict your exact location.




Bill To Prohibit Federal Funding Of Motorcycle Only Checkpoints

According to Cyril Huze resources a Motorcycle Riders Foundation (MRF) reports that Jim Sensenbrenner from Wisconsin, announced on April 15th that he will file a bill to prohibit the federal funding of motorcycle only roadside checkpoints. This bill would disallow Department of Transportation (DOT) from providing the money to state and local authorities for the intention of creating motorcycle only checkpoints. The bill will also have language to force the DOT to focus on motorcycle safety efforts on crash prevention programs, and not the other way around. The official date of the bill being introduced is May 6th, 2013 and will receive its official bill number.

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Motorcycle Theft Or Having Hard Time With Parking Your Motorcycle?

Most of the time in the big cities motorcyclists have a hard time finding a parking spot that is empty. Having a motorcycle in New York City can be a hassle. Not only for the parking part, but also the fees that come with motorcycle parking. The long days pass as we are at work, and our motorcycle is at the garage waiting to be ridden or stolen.  According to NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) in 2012 the motorcycle theft is down by 6 percent. Which did not go down a lot knowing that Honda is the number one brand motorcycle that is being stolen.

Moto Parking, the Coolest Idea so Far [Photo Gallery]

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Strip Club Choppers Announces A Cruise

Is anyone up for a cruise from January 18th to January 26th, 2014? I know I am up for the cruise, and escaping the cold weather with Strip Club Choppers Cruise. The cruise will be on Caribbean Cruise Lines, and it will depart from FT. Lauderdale. In order for your chance to win the cruise for next year, all you have to do is click here to like SCC facebook page, and click here to enter the required information.

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