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Horror Used To Promote Motorcycle Safety

If you think that you have seen it all from advertising and marketing you are totally wrong. The Australian TAC had their own idea of promoting motorcycle safety. Meaning creating an ad that will promote motorcycle helmets and how much they are important for either a short or long ride. I hope everyone knows that the most important things for safety are, motorcycle helmet, motorcycle jacket, motorcycle chaps, motorcycle gloves, motorcycle boots, and any other biker accessory that I missed out in this short list.

Horror Used in Thailand to Promote Motorcycle Safety

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Victory Motorcycles Offers “Just Bring It Back”

Remember couple days ago post about Victory Motorcycles at Daytona Bike Week? If not here is short version. Victory Motorcycles steps up their game to complete with Indian Motorcycles, and Harley Davidson. Now another wonderful news from Victory Motorcycles emerged into the world. Victory Motorcycles is introducing really great guarantee to all new customers. The guarantee is full ownership experience, allowing customers to ride and test their new bike any time, or any where they want, and yet get a full refund if they are not satisfied with it. Yes, you have read that correctly, full refund if you are not satisfied with the bike.

Victory Motorcycles Challange


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Incomplete Indian Motorcycles

As the day was passing by, I was thinking of going out and riding. The temperatures today were in high 40’s, which is perfect weather to get out on the road. Recently I have been wondering on what Indian Motorcycles has in stored for Daytona Bike Week. I went over to their website, and checked out the events, but found completely empty description. Even thought it says read more on the website, but when it is clicked it only states the website of Daytona Beach Bike Rally.

Indian Motorcycles

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