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Victory Motorcycles Teams Up with Playboy Playmates

Exclusive look behind the scenes of Victory Motorcycles making the 2013 Victory Brochure, at the  mansion in LA.  Adding playboy girls to the catalog gave Victory Motorcycles, the success of some serious attitude. Who are the girls from playboy? One of the three playmates is Ciara Price announced miss November 2011, moving on to Anna Sophia Berglund announced miss January 2011, and Raquel Pomplun miss April 2012.

Victory Motorcycles

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First Ever World & Europe AMD Championship

I did not think this day will happen; however, the rumors were spreading about May 2013. And it is official the first Europe AMD Championship will be held in May, 2013. The location of the event will be Essen, Germany. From the rumors that traveled to us from our sources they state that exhibitor’s had to expand their area because of the huge amount of bikes entered in the competition.

Over 100 bikes from 22 countries have already been entered, with some room remaining for another 15 or so. Europe was not expecting so much popularity in the AMD Championship show, but it turned out different way. I wish I could attend the event, but unfortunately that will not happen; however, I am looking forward to battles between builders on European grounds.

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Harley Davidson Advertises Rentals

A lot of experts and people confirm that 2013 is the year of Harley Davidson, but is Indian Motorcycles stealing the spot light? Harley Davidson is celebrating 110th Anniversary with lot of new plans ahead of 2013. Recently I noticed that Harley Davidson is advertising their rental centers more and more. I don’t know if this is one of their strategies for 2013, but it must bring in a lot of buyers. Allowing people to test drive Harley Davidson on the spot means a lot, that Harley Davidson is comfortable enough with their motorcycle to allow test drives.

Harley Davidson Rentals

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Indian Motorcycles Geared Up for 2013

Lately Indian Motorcycles have been rumbling their engine pretty loud. The engine has not been unveiled but it already rumbled a lot of attention. It has been some time since Indian Motorcycles decided to bring new stuff to the table. Indian Motorcycles wants to be in top 150 motorcycle markets in the US.

As we recently have discovered that you may listen to the new Indian Motorcycle engine. The engine is available on iPhone and Android devices. The application has a lot of really cool features, and it allows you to hear the new engine.

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TomTom Rider GPS 2013 Edition

There have been a lot of rumors lately about TomTom and their new TomTom Rider GPS. As we all remember the first TomTom Rider GPS was a failure. However, TomTom is promising a new and improved TomTom Rider in 2013. They have decided to try their luck again with the same name for the GPS. If you had the old version of TomTom Rider I suggest taking a look at the new version and checking the specifications, because it is packed with lots of features that the old version was lacking. Motorcycle communities around the world, have supported TomTom in this development, and helped TomTom build the next TomTom Rider. TomTom asked, and gathered information from motorcycle forums, and biker communities to improve their new TomTom Rider.

TomTom Rider

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