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Victory Motorcycles At Daytona Bike Week

Recently we are hearing more and more about Daytona Bike Week. It is coming up quickly, and there is still a lot to do, in order to be prepared for the bike week. As you know Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles have been heading head to head, and completing with different events. Harley celebrates 110th Anniversary, and Indian Motorcycles celebrates the revival of Indian Motorcycles. However, now we have Victory Motorcycles stepping up to the home run stretch.

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Harley Davidson Sportster Custom Seat

It is about time Harley Davidson has added Sportster to custom seat program. Starting from year 2004 to those that are planning on getting a new Sportster. The reason for expansion, and adding Sportster is that Harley Davidson is celebrating 110th Anniversary. Sportsters will get tow new seat designs, a solo and two up one. The solo seat will be named Brawler, and the two up seat will be named Sidekick.

Harley Davidson Seat


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Moto Guzzi California 1400 Commercial

With the competition between Harley Davidson and Indian Motorcycles, there is Moto Guzzi with their 2013 California 1400. Moto Guzzi is looking to overtake the lead in motorcycle sales this year. Their new strategy is to show the design of the motorcycle instead of specs. Moto Guzzi is aiming to touch your heart and not the mind of mechanic. This commercial targets people perfectly with what they want to see instead of hearing about the specs. Take a look for yourself and see what you think.


Proper Helmet Fit

When riding motorcycles you know that safety is the priority over any other issue. I have considered motorcycle helmets to be the most important piece of riding gear I would purchase. Regardless of your state laws, I do strongly recommend, and tell you to wear a motorcycle helmet for your safety. Motorcycle helmets are designed to keep your head safe and reduce injury when you crash.

If you have a motorcycle helmet but think that it is old, than it is time for a change. Motorcycle helmets technology advances and motorcycle helmets are getting more safer and improved with each minute of you reading this article. It is most important to properly fit your helmet, if the helmet is too big or too small it may be ineffective in doing what a helmet is supposed to do; which is saving you from injury.

Motorcycle Helmets

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