We Ride

We Ride

by Rosalinda A.



Together we ride past the mountain filled skies,

no matter the current or how high the tide.

The joy of the motorcycle is similar to the joy of life,

every day is a surprise, an enigma, an afterlife,

with every ride we take,

wrong turn that we make

which we call a “mistake”

but a mistake, in fact, it isn’t.

Life knocks you down,

but only when you’re down can you truly be risen,

and free of that prison.

Sometimes those wrong turns lead you to the right place

that we should learn to embrace.

How simple would things be if like steering our motorcycles we could steer our lives,

like controlling the speed, we could control time,

how fun would life be, if this was the case?

No longer would we feel like we’re on a never ending chase.

Let’s be real.

We all know the most exciting parts of life are the events we can’t foresee,

like when riding free.

We wear protective goggles to avoid the debris,

See, we all know the risks that come with riding,

 yet we set out for the open road anyhow,

rain, sun, we manage to ride somehow.

The same applies for how we steer our lives,

so grab the wheel

and keep your eyes on the road to success.


Calling All Writers


As promised, big things are underway and we’re pleased to announce that, starting today, we’re opening up The Biker Leather Blog to everyone that has a passion for writing and a love of motorcycles, clothing, and culture.  That’s right, if you ride, enjoy writing, and would like to share an essay, memoir, an upcoming event, poem, a humorous anecdote, reflection, a technical tip or trick, or anything else related to motorcycles and would like to submit it for publication on the blog you now can.  It doesn’t matter if you’re into café racers, sport bikes, motocross, touring, bobbers, choppers, or cruisers, if you have a story to share, now you can do so.  There’s no limit to length.  All submissions must be the author’s original work.  Send your submissions to jhawlkin@gmail.com.  Please send submissions in Word, PDF, or paste in the body of your email.  We look forward to hearing from all our author friends.

Naturally, spring weather means new spring products.  Get your Harley ready with our gorgeous new Motorcycle Saddlebag for Harley Davidson Dynas.  Guys, ditch the old, ripped gloves and keep your hands protected with our new genuine leather full finger gloves.  Spring is all about new beginnings.  Regardless of whether you’ve been thinking about buying that first bike or seeing your work in a professional publication for the first time, this is the time of year to do it.  We hope you do.


Spring In To Riding Season

easter bunny riding

Spring is finally upon us and we couldn’t be more excited. Following successful exhibitions at the ASD 2016 in Vegas, as seen in the photo below, the Sturgis Rally, and Daytona Bike Week, the riding season is in full swing. Following up on our success, we’re rolling out new models of our terrific genuine leather vests, jackets, jewelry, and get back whips.  Be sure to go to our home page and scroll down to our “New Products” section to see them.


A great page for planning road trips is Motorcycle Roads.  Some of you old-timers may know a lot of these roads, but it’s a great resource for new riders and old explorers.

Of course, with Saint Patrick’s Day just two days away, we know you’re making those last minute Saint Patrick’s Day plans.  Enjoy some of these fun drink recipes from Good Cocktails.  Just remember to bring a designated driver!

party plans

Regardless of whether or not this holiday season is the start of your first year riding or more, we hope it’s fun and safe.  Let the good times roll!


Happy Valentine’s Day

valentinesValentine’s Day is right around the corner.  Remember the ones you love this weekend.

For the ladies, did you know we not only sell the finest leather jackets, we also make exquisite jewelry like our studded choker draped with gemstones and crosses?  Perhaps she would like something simpler like our delightful Cross necklace?

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Valentine’s Day is the day set aside to remind that special person just how much you truly appreciate them.  If the one you love rides, make that expression of your devotion one that he or she will truly appreciate.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


New Year, New Happenings

Wow! Hard to believe the first two weeks of 2016 are over and we’re well into the new year.  We’ve been busy reviewing new products to bring to our customers and making new connections, all to bring you the same terrific shopping experience you’ve come to expect from us.

A new year means terrific new items like our Womens Leather Tactical Motorcycle Vest, Full Face Cotton Motorcycle MaskBrown Leather Chaps With Removable Liner, and many more you can find by clicking the orange Visit Our Leather Store button in the banner above.  You can also view our Main Catalog and our Patches & Stickers Catalog online now just by following the links.

February 28th through March 2nd we’ll be in Las Vegas for the 2016 ASD Market Week, the largest B2B trade show in Las Vegas that brings the world’s retail and wholesale merchandisers together for one incredible buying and shopping event.  We’ve also begun to ramp up our YouTube channel because in a few months from now we’ll be unveiling some exciting new content.

As you can see, a new year really does bring new happenings.  Be sure to bookmark our page to check back for cool new leather jackets, motorcycle apparel, and motorcycle news.  2016, here we come!


Merry Christmas!

biker leather holiday bannerAs I write this it’s currently 70 degrees in Paterson and I’m not sure how I feel about that.  On the one hand I like a light covering of the white stuff on Christmas but not so much it becomes a pain, on the other driving around with the windows down on Christmas Eve isn’t bad.  However, if I want a tropical Christmas I’ll just head to South Florida.  Lucky for us, the weather doesn’t prevent anyone from sending out wishes of peace on Earth and goodwill to everyone.

As we wrap up a fantastic year of sales we want to take this time to thank all of you for your business and choosing us to provide your quality leather products.  You are vital to our success and your support has been a generous gift to us all year.

Thank you and Merry Christmas!


Exciting Times For The Holidays

It’s an exciting time here at Biker Leather. With Black Friday nearly upon us we’ve much to be thankful for this holiday season. We’ve got new featured products like our cool Spiked Flat Black German Novelty Helmet, an awesome new Men’s Leather Motorcycle Club vest at an amazing low price, saddlebags, gloves, and more.

Those are all great, but the thing I’m most excited about is the continued rolling out of our new division, Zone Helmets. Now, just like you can get the best leather jackets and accessories at unbeatable prices, you can get amazing DOT approved helmets too!

Be sure to bookmark our blog to keep up on all the latest products and news from Biker Leather,  Zone Helmets, and Dream Apparel. It sure will be a happy holiday season this year!Zone Helmet


In The Moment

It was the day after the trip with the boys to Toys ‘R’ Us and the lunch at McDonald’s, during the singing of “Happy Birthday” after the pizza had been served and the laser tag battles decided at my son’s friend’s party.  I wasn’t really thinking of anything at all when something made me think of the horrible events that took place in Paris on Friday.  With a tinge of guilt for nothing I had done other than perhaps feeling happy, I was instantly reminded of how precious every moment of every day truly is and how much we take such simple moments like the one I was in for granted.

It wasn’t a moment, I imagined, much different than being with friends at a restaurant, seeing my favorite band in concert, or cheering on my favorite team.  The only real difference was my moment wasn’t destroyed.  I was going to go home with the pictures and memories that were now on my phone and share them with my wife and other two children.

However you processed the news over the weekend, I hope you shared time with someone you loved, read a good book, bought a new bike, worked on an old one, or made a fabulous meal.  I hope the ride you took, be it with someone or by yourself, was filled not just with excitement but with the wonder and beauty of the place where you traveled as you met new people and made new friends.

“We are starstuff”, Carl Sagan once said.  Life is fleeting.  Let’s not forget that.


Motorcycle Holiday Gift Guide – Christmas Gift Ideas 2013

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